Earn One Half of the Real Estate Commission

Thousands of Dollars in Escrow for You ..... Right When You Need it the Most !

You're investing a lot of your time searching through all the web sites, looking at properties online and checking out the neighborhoods. With so much information available online today you already have more "general" information than most Realtor's do. So seriously ... Since You are already doing Half of the Realtor's job ... Why not get paid for all your efforts? You Find the Home .... We will Make it Work then Your Share of the Commission will be right there for you in escrow at closing time !

Steps for You

So Simple to Have So Much More

It all Starts by Reviewing the Procedures, Requirements and Terms of Service then Registering to Participate.
Use any of the web portals to browse the listings. Trulia Zillow & Realtor.com are all great sites to use.
Enter the listing numbers or the addresses in your Viewing Request

Steps for Us

Personalized One on One Service

We use the most current Realtor's e-forms, publications and disclosures with e-signatures fully supported
Opening the escrow, ordering inspections, coordinating all the parties and getting it closed on time
Your Rebate will be showing on all estimated and final closing statements


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Congratulations ! Your registration was successful! Now you have taken your first step to earning one half of the real estate commission on your upcoming...