Getting Paid

Cash Payment DrawingYou can be assured of receiving your Commission Rebate as we require that that it be  Fully Transparent to all parties and Out in the Open from beginning to end. Once your offer is accepted by the seller there is nothing further you will need to do to earn your Commission Rebate other than normal escrow items like reviewing and signing disclosures, qualifying on your loan , signing final loan documents and closing escrow. We deliver a Broker Credit Authorization to escrow instructing them to debit our commissions  and to credit your account for one half of the commissions due our offices at closing. Your Rebate will be based upon the actual commissions paid to the Selling Office and not upon any other form of compensation.  All Commission Rebates must be paid through escrow  and are only paid upon successful closing.

Your share of the commissions will reflect on your final closing statement as a credit to funds deposited to your account just as if you delivered those funds by cashiers check. Actual figures will be based upon the property you choose and can be verified by looking at the offer of compensation to selling office as stated in the brokers copy of the listing once we identify the home. 


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