From Escrow Opening to Closing

Checklist DrawingWe are there every step of the way. One thing we can always count on is that no two escrows are alike. Each one is unique unto it’self with it’s own strong points, challenges and weaknesses. At the same time there really are a lot of transaction specific tasks and diverse participants to the escrow process. Starting with buyer and seller mandated deadlines and moving into state and federal required disclosures. There are inspections by multiple parties, many different reports and significant information to be prepared, delivered and acknowledged most usually on a pretty tight time frame. Each of the processes  and results can and do benefit from our strategic proactive over site.

  • We see to it the escrow is opened promptly and review preliminary copies of instructions to cut down on  obvious errors reducing dissemination of inaccurate instructions to the many parties. This can save tremendous effort when the new lender issues their RESPA disclosures and orders appraisals based on incorrect information!
  • We co ordinate all State, Federal and Seller disclosures, delivering each to the appropriate party for review and signature.  To facilitate this process we once again utilize our California Association of Realtor’s  Forms Advisor to help insure we are meeting the highest level of disclosure requirements.
  • We coordinate with your lender to see to it that any documentation requirements they have are met and that their loan processing and approval are moving in conjunction with our scheduled closing time frame.
  • We deliver a majority of our disclosures through a proprietary  e-pubs electronic  paperless disclosure forms catalog. Let’s all do our best to make a Green statement by being as paperless as possible.
  • If you are requesting a property inspection we arrange access for the inspector and see to it the reports are delivered to you. We prepare and deliver to sellers your request for repairs on any repairs you deem necessary.
  • We confirm the termite reports have been ordered and delivered when appropriate
  • We see to it that home warranties have been ordered and delivered as appropriate.
  • We see to it that your preliminary title report is received and delivered to you on schedule.
  • We set up, arrange and attend your final walk through inspection  with you just prior to closing.
  • We deliver our own Broker Credit Authorization to escrow informing them of your Commission Rebate with instructions to the escrow officer that the rebate be credited to your account at closing.  We require full and transparent disclosure of the rebate to all parties  and further we  require that your Commission Rebate  be shown on all estimated  and final closing statements.
  • We are available for your questions and any concerns by phone, fax, email and text at least 6 days a week  and usually more.
  • Your Commission Rebate will reflect on your final closing statement as a credit to funds deposited to your account just as if you had delivered those funds into escrow  by cashiers check prior to closing.