Writing Up The Offer

Agreement DrawingAll offers to purchase must be prepared and submitted by our office to confirm the offer of compensation and to  insure your Commission Rebate. By California law all real estate agreements to buy or sell real property are required to be in writing. We accomplish that requirement using the most recent California Association of Realtors forms and disclosures . We access these vital forms using a proprietary online service created and established for licensed members  by the Department. By using this service we have both in office and mobile access to multiple libraries of documents and disclosures for most every facet of purchase, sale and disclosure involving residential and commercial real estate transactions.

We utilize electronic signatures for signing  the initial offer as often as possible. This practice is most times faster and more efficient  and results in cleaner  more legible copies of the final agreement. We can always meet at our offices for personal review and signing of your offer if you prefer.

We will promptly convey all seller responses to your offer and prepare any counter proposals you may have to their response as well. It often takes several rounds to get the terms ironed out and everything in writing and duly signed by all parties but the effort is well worth the time invested.

Sellers do not always agree to the terms of a  buyers offer to purchase even after multiple rounds of counter proposals. This is an inherent function of the free marketplace wherein buyers and sellers together determine fair value.  If your first offer is not accepted we are always prepared to move forward together and to present additional offers for you  until we succeed at getting just the right home  under contract.

As soon as an acceptable agreement has be reached by both buyer and seller, we forward all copies of acceptance to the escrow company and instruct them where you would like them to send your instructions package. Copies of the agreement can be sent to your lender of choice also so they can begin the next phase in processing your loan.

We can use C.A.R.’s Member Legal Services Department at any time to get answers to tough question on current and pending transactions for matters of concern to our customers. This service provides C.A.R. members with the latest in legal information to give  members a competitive edge and minimize legal exposure.  This legal information is available through a variety of resources:

  •  California Association of Realtor’s Legal Department offers legal articles, some in question and answer format, on over 200 subjects.  The articles are organized alphabetically and also by category. We also provide legal updates.
  •  Member Legal Hotline: Members may call the C.A.R. Legal Hotline Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., for professional and confidential real estate legal advice from C.A.R. attorneys. Due to limited staffing the Saturday Hotline service is only for questions regarding active transactions. Legal questions may also be submitted.  THIS IS A MEMBERS-ONLY SERVICE!
  •  Strategic Defense Program:The Strategic Defense Program was created in 2005. This program provides REALTORS® with a team of litigation defense specialists who deliver top quality legal services in a cost-efficient manner.  REALTORS® will benefit from risk management seminars covering risk avoidance and defense.  The overriding goal of the program is to improve REALTORS® knowledge of potential claims and how to effectively defend against those claims. This program, through the Defense Panel attorneys, also provides early warning and defense strategies for new types of claims.

This program does not support use of outside selling agents. If you already have an agent you want to work with then you should request they issue you a similar Commission Rebate  prior to continuing to work with them any further. If they are unable or unwilling to match our program then we will be more than happy to accommodate and to proceed as your exclusive buyer’s agent.