What Is Forms Advisor

1. What is Forms Advisor®?

Forms Advisor® is an online software program that identifies which C.A.R. Standard Forms to use and; when used in conjunction with Forms Tutor, how to complete the forms. Local associations and brokers have the ability to extend the Forms Advisor to include local disclosure forms and broker-specific forms.


2. Do I have to pay a fee to use Forms Advisor®?

Forms Advisor® is a C.A.R. member benefit. It is only available to current C.A.R. members.


3. How does Forms Advisor® work?

The C.A.R. Legal team has defined a set of rules regarding forms usage which have been embodied in the Forms Advisor®. The REALTOR® answers questions specific to the transaction and Forms Advisor® provides a list of recommended forms to use for that particular phase of the transaction . It is anticipated that REALTORS® will use the Forms Advisor® many times throughout a transaction as the transaction progresses through its many phases and as additional terms and conditions become germane. Additionally, users can employ features such as Forms Tutor® and the C.A.R. Legal Q&A . Forms Tutor® provides instruction on how to complete the form and the Legal Q&A offers legal charts and other information to assist users in complying with the law. There is also a forms preview option available.


Once the Forms Advisor® has provided you with a list of forms, you can

- Print the list.

- Add the recommended forms to your zipForm 6 account, either to your current transaction, a new transaction (or template), or a transaction that you designate.



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