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Home Buyers who register will qualify to receive a rebate of one half of the real estate commission proffered as “selling office compensation” in  the property listing and paid to us as your  buyer’s broker . Payment is predicated on your successful close of escrow and will equal one half of the actual amount which is paid at closing. Your Rebate will be based upon the actual commissions paid and not upon any other form of compensation. Payment will only be made upon your  successful closing of the purchase.  Full and Transparent Disclosure to all parties is mandatory.  All Rebates are paid through escrow and must be shown on the final HUD I closing statement.

The Process

 Earn thousands for searching the way you are right now

  • Search on any site you choose for homes you may like to view. We have listed a few of the major sites on our search page but you are free to look where ever you may  like. The seller must be offering to pay a commission in order for you to be paid. This fact will eliminate a few of the auction sites which expect the buyer to pay all commissions but beyond that most all listings will qualify.
  • Request a Property Portal to the MLS. We can set you up with an Immediate Notification Service through our multiple listing directory  giving you real time notification of all new listings, price reductions and homes which have just come back on the market. If you would like your own personal Property Portal we would merely need to know what your parameters are such as city, price, size etc. Please feel free to ask for this service. We’ll be more than happy to set it up for you.
  • Many of the New Builder projects will qualify since they do offer to pay commissions, however they are very specific about one of our agents accompanying you to the project and registering you on your first visit. They keep very good records and if you have already visited their model homes then more that likely that project will no longer qualify for this program.
  • Schedule Viewing appointments when you find one or more homes you would like to tour. Use the online web form to submit your request or call us by phone any time at 951. 200-5556. You will want to schedule a viewing at your earliest. Remember that most occupied homes require advance notice and many will want us to set an actual appointment time. Please be aware that setting up these inspections will take some time to reach the correct party or parties. Sellers and their agents are not always immediately available so we recommend trying to give us a reasonable time for scheduling your tours. After those arrangements have been made we will respond back to you to discuss the timing and arrange where to meet.
  • When you are ready to place an offer on a home you like, all offers to purchase must be prepared and submitted by our office to confirm the offer of compensation and insure your Commission Rebate. We use the most recent California Association of Realtors  forms and disclosures  and prefer to use electronic signatures for signing the initial offer.  We can arrange to meet at our offices for personal signings upon request.
  • This program does not support use of outside selling agents. If you already have an agent you want to work with then you should request they issue you a similar Commission Rebate  prior to continuing to work with them further. If they are unwilling to match our program we will be more than happy to accommodate and proceed as your exclusive buyer’s agent.
  • We will promptly convey all seller responses to your offer and prepare any counter proposals you may have to their response as well. It often takes several rounds to get the terms ironed out and everything in writing and signed by all parties but the effort is well worth the time invested. By California law all real estate agreements to buy or sell property are required to be in writing.
  • As soon as an acceptable agreement has be reached by both buyer and seller, we forward all copies of acceptance to the escrow company and instruct them where you would like them to send your instructions package. Copies of the agreement can be sent to your lender of choice also so they can begin the next phase in processing your loan.
  • We will then co ordinate all State, Federal and Seller disclosures, delivering each to the appropriate party for review and signature. If you choose to have your own personal property inspection we are happy to arrange access.
  • We deliver a Broker Credit Authorization to escrow informing them of your Commission Rebate . This Commission must be shown on all estimated closing statements and is instructed to be credited to your account at closing.
  • Your Commission Rebate will reflect on your final closing statement as a credit to funds deposited to your account just as if you had delivered those funds into escrow  by cashiers check prior to closing.
  • At closing you walk away with thousands of dollars more in your pocket than the buyers across the street.


  • Registration in Advance Buyers must be enrolled in the program in advance of requests for viewing.
  • Proof of Funds… Sellers will require we submit proof that a prospective buyer has the ability to close escrow. This includes the money required for down payment and closing costs.The money doesn’t have to be all in one bank account. We just need to reasonably source the funds you will be using to complete the purchase. Bank statements, 401-k retirement accounts, tax refunds and gift funds are just some of the acceptable forms of documentation.
  • Loan Pre Approval… Buyers must  speak with and obtain a pre approval letter from a delegated lender stating the maximum loan amount they will qualify for. This also is a normal seller  requirement in order to present an offer to purchase. More importantly, it will do no good looking at homes now… only to find out later that you don’t qualify for that large of a house. Better to have that completed right away so you can be ready when the time comes to make your first offer.
  • Viewing appointments…  Scheduled with as much advance notice as reasonable giving us time to set up the inspection with occupants and to meet any particular requirements they may have to gain access. You will never view the home alone. One of our agents and perhaps the seller will be there during your tour. If you have more than one home to view that’s no problem at all, we just need to know in advance to set up the  access for each of the properties.

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