Searching For Homes

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There are so many different places you can search and I’m pretty sure you already have your favorite. Most certainly you are free to search anywhere you like. We are just going to list a few of the major ones here but two things to remember :

1) The home has to be listed and offering to pay a commission in order for you to be paid. This will eliminate a few of the auction sites and tax sales but otherwise you’re pretty safe wherever you want to search.

2) From time to time there are old outdated listings still view able in most but not all of the portals, If it looks real hot then save that address for sure but keep looking in case it’s already sold and closed.

  • *** is the only portal that gets all of it’s property listing fed to it multiple times every day directly from the Realtor’s databases. This includes new listings, status changes and sold properties. For this reason their listed properties tend to be more accurate than the other major portals.
  • *** Trulia is a great site and offers excellent additional details on each property, the neighborhoods they are in and quality of life. You will find dated properties from time to time but this site is certainly worth a look through.
  •  *** Much like Trulia in that it has a lot of excellent information available to home buyers. Here to you will find some dated properties from time to time but don’t let that keep you away. It’s a really good experience
  • Temecula Area Realtor’s MLS  ***  This gives you direct access to all of the currently available listing in our local board and offers the very most up to date information on availability, status and price of homes in our area.
  • Request a Property Portal to the MLS. We can set you up with an Immediate Notification Service through our multiple listing directory  giving you real time notification of all new listings, price reductions and homes which have just come back on the market. If you would like your own personal Property Portal we would merely need to know what your parameters are such as city, price, size etc. Please feel free to ask for this service. We’ll be more than happy to set it up for you.
  • HomePath by Fannie Mae  *** Search thousands of foreclosed home offered by Americas largest Quasi Governmental Housing agency offering buyer programs to assist your purchase such as First Look for first time buyers and Closing Cost Assistance up to 3.5%.