Appointment Requested

Time Drawing Your request for a property tour has been received. We’ll get this set up for you as soon as possible. To start we have to review the instructions given to us in the brokers copy of the multiple listing. Each home is different. The best scenario is when they tell us we can go direct to the property and they have a current lock box available but some require a certain number of hours advance notice or even an appointment. More importantly we’ll be sure to verify the home is still available and not already in escrow or placed on hold.  Regardless of what we find we will get right back to you to confirm the time available and to arrange when best for us to meet you.

If you have more than one property you are interested in… the more the merrier! We are here to make sure you find the very best home possible. It doesn’t matter how many times we need to go out to look at homes, the key is we keep trying until we succeed together. Please don’t hesitate to ask to view additional properties.

We always need to be prepared  to place an offer. We never know which one will be the right one until you get a chance to see the inside details in person… but…  If you like it more than likely the next buyer to see it will also! By now you should have received your lenders pre approval letter and gathered bank statemtents together to document ability to perform. This appointment is always a good time to bring with you any up to date paperwork we can use to get your offer accepted when we do find the Right Home!

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